"Krzyżowa invites to creativity". Part 1: Weaving and back to basics

Liubov Shynder i Agnieszka Duduś, YIMC Krzyżowa

The first video in the series "Krzyżowa invites to creativity" will introduce the viewer to weaving - that is, the creation of a fabric or canvas.

Apart from the concrete skill of combining threads and materials to make a canvas, we also learn how fabric "works". Using a small example, we have the opportunity to see how the separate threads in a fabric come together. When preparing old clothes to use for weaving, we can experience how different fabrics behave: whether cotton is stretchy, whether a woollen or synthetic cord breaks more easily, how tightly the threads can be squeezed on the loom.

Talking about weaving also opens the door to a craft that was much more popular among our ancestors, not only as a way of producing fabric, but also as a way of prolonging the life of utilitarian things - mending and repairing clothes and other domestic objects made of fabric - carpets, kilims, sheets, blankets.

Napisy w j. angielskim: https://youtu.be/t6TTHaxmalI

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