How should the Krzyżowa Foundation behave in the face of the climate crisis, environmental degradation and deepening social and environmental problems? We believe that it has a duty to ask courageous questions, to criticise the exploitation of the planet and people, to seek constructive solutions for a better future, and to support attitudes of respect for nature, Earth's resources and solidarity with others.

The Foundation, which runs a large educational centre and hosts more than 10,000 people from many countries every year, has considerable possibilities for pro-ecological activities. At the same time, it is statutorily obliged to do so. The Statute recommends the implementation of tasks for, among others, "ecology and animal protection and protection of natural heritage". In addition, it defines as an objective of the Foundation "to stimulate and support activities aimed at the consolidation of a peaceful and tolerant coexistence of nations, social groups and individuals", while the climate crisis and environmental degradation are increasingly a threat to peace.

Since the beginning of the Foundation's existence, ecological activities have taken place. In recent years, however, this area has been strengthened and is being developed more intensively. It is important for us to strive for consistency of the content of educational activities with the practical functioning of the centre run by the Foundation. That is why we are making efforts to offer such a space for environmental education that supports the principles of sustainable development.

Our organisation has had an eco-development team called the Green Table for several years. It is a discussion and implementation forum, involving employees of all departments, both substantive, technical and administrative. Thanks to this composition, the Green Table can effectively, creatively and realistically propose, consult and then help in the implementation of pro-ecological solutions in various areas of our activity.

Currently, the management of the Foundation, with the support of the Green Table, is developing a concept that sets out directions for eco-development in various areas of our activity.


Action for sustainable development is not easy for a non-governmental organisation with huge needs and limited resources. That is why the Foundation sets itself ambitious goals, but achievable in the reality of its operation. We want to further develop our environmental activities, despite all the difficulties that such an undertaking brings with it. We believe that the commitment to a fairer, more sustainable and greener world is essential today and is an expression of our Foundation's responsibility for a good future for us all.

Anna Dańkowska - Coordinator of the European Academy projects in 2018-2020; currently a freelancer cooperating with the Krzyżowa Foundation
Dr Robert Żurek - Member of the Board, Managing Director of the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe

The "Green Krzyżowa" tab was created thanks to the funding of the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

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