From 06 - 16.08.2022, participants aged 15 - 22 came to Krzyżowa for a Polish-German-French summer youth exchange "Human, you have rights!" with an artistic touch and the theme of human rights.

The tripartite youth exchange aims to bring together peers from three countries (Poland, Germany, France) and at the same time to spend time together during the summer holidays. The exchange programme includes elements of non-formal and artistic education.

Our activities aim to foster social and linguistic competences among the participants, all in the spirit of cooperation and respect for human rights. The activities will be led by an international team of female educators with experience in humanistic and non-formal education.

During the exchange they will try to find answers to the following questions:

On its history study tour through Poland, the Hohenschwangau Gymnasium just stopped in Kreisau/Krzyżowa from 17.7. - 19.7.2022 to immerse itself in the history of the place and, in particular, to learn more about the resistance group "Kreisau Circle".

The program included a historical tour of the site and workshops on the resistance group, in which the participants dealt with the personalities as well as the views and goals of the Circle. The students, aged between 17 and 18, were very engaged in preparing the talk show "A Look into the Past": they slipped into the role of several Kreisau Circle members, who were greeted and interviewed by a moderation team. They also investigated how the Circle distinguished itself from the N.S., and what references there are between the documents and the Basic Law of the FRG.

On 6-10 June 2022, a school exchange Wrocław-Berlin took place in Krzyżowa. 

There were 21 participants in the exchange, 10 students from Germany, from Freie Sekundarschule PepperMont school and 11 from Poland, from Aviation Scientific Works.

The theme of the exchange was: History and intercultural communication. During the exchange pupils and students visited Świdnica, walked around historical and monumental places, including visiting the Church of Peace and the Town Hall tower, there was also integration by the bonfire and lots of sport activities.

On 06-13.06.2022  "Call it freedom... The freedom from and the freedom to... in European and Arab societies" international youth exchange took place in Krzyżowa.

Young people from partner organizations:

Gustav Stresemann Institute, Bad Bevensen - Germany,

St. Mena Forum for Peace & Development - Egypt,

Debate Foundation - Jordan,

The Club Culturel Ali Belhouane - Tunisia

met in Krzyżowa to reflect and learn from each other about democracy and the concept of freedom in different societies fractured by polarization, instability and other challenges specific to the participating countries.

International Youth Meeting Centre

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