The Taube Department of Jewish Studies at University of Wrocław and the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe are organising a conference on 26 October 2022: "Reading Benno Jacob in the Taube Chair of Jewish Studies".

Rabbi Benno Jacob (1862-1945) was born in Wrocław, where he studied at the Jewish Theological Seminary and the University of Wrocław. Jacob was a social activist who fought against anti-Semitism.

The reading of Benno Jacob will begin with a general question: how to situate his work on the contemporary map of thought and with particular reference to his commentary on the Akedah.
The intention of organising a conference devoted to Benno Jacob is to initiate a discussion both on his achievements and, more broadly, on the achievements of the intellectual milieu of Jews associated with Wrocław before 1939.

On behalf of the Foundation, Edward Skubisz, M.A., will take part in the conference.


In Krzyżowa, more than 100 participants of the Robert Bosch Foundation Alumni Forum tackled this topic on the second weekend of October. The Robert Bosch Foundation has been supporting international knowledge and the development of civil society in Eastern Europe for decades, through various educational programmes and promoting international meetings and exchanges. The alumni network gave rise to the MitOst association, which co-organised the weekend. It was no coincidence that the meeting took place in Krzyżowa. Particularly in the 2000s, many seminars took place here and some of the staff and board members of the Krzyżowa Foundation are alumni of the Bosch Foundation's programmes and members of MitOst. For many participants it was a reunion with Krzyżowa.

In the face of the escalation of the war and Russia's aggression against Ukraine, these networks played a key role in providing rapid and direct support to Ukrainian NGOs and those in neighbouring countries that were hosting large numbers of refugees from Ukraine. In her presentation, Alona Karavai reported on the activities that her organisation Insha Osvita has developed in collaboration with other Ukrainian organisations to secure Ukrainian cultural assets and support Ukrainian artists. In small groups, participants exchanged views on current issues of international understanding, the limits of dialogue, dealing with populism and supporting democracy.

The meeting was organised in a family-friendly manner. The kindergarten in Krzyżowa opened its doors to the youngest participants, while older children and young people were offered a tailor-made programme with intercultural and creative workshops and a bicycle rally through Krzyżowa.

We would like to thank Bosch Alumni Net and the MitOst association for the wonderful and inspiring cooperation!

Photographer: Agata Maziarz


On a conversation with history witness Helmuth Caspar von Moltke in Frankfurt am Main on 02.09.2022

While the bells of Frankfurt Cathedral were ringing outside, one could feel the end of an era in the lecture theatre of Haus am Dom. The peace order that had been worked on in Europe for so long seemed to have come to an end because of Russia's war with Ukraine, even if it still takes time for us to realise this. This was the gloomy analysis of Dr Robert Zurek who opened his talk with an eyewitness, Helmuth Caspar von Moltke - son of Freya and Helmuth James von Moltke, co-founders of the Kreisau Circle. Helmuth Caspar's father, was murdered by the Nazis in 1945 along with 7 other members for civil resistance.

80 years after the first two major meetings of the Krzyzowa Circle, questions were asked in Frankfurt am Main about the validity of the legacy. PhD Anna Quirin, director of the Freya von Moltke Foundation, spoke to Helmuth Caspar von Moltke about his childhood and his memories of life in Krzyżowa and the meetings of the Krzyżowa Circle in the House on the Hill.

Archbishop Alfons Nossol, Professor of Dogmatic Theology, retired Ordinary of Opole, a great ecumenist, advocate of dialogue, member of the Council of Honour and a great friend of the Krzyżowa Foundation, celebrated his 90th birthday on 08.08.2022.
On 12 November 1989, he celebrated a mass at Krzyżowa, which was a milestone in the process of German-Polish reconciliation.

To honour the Archbishop's services, a German-Polish discussion took place at the invitation of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation at the Palace in Kamień Śląski on 05.09.2022. with the Archbishop, led by PhD Annemarie Franke, who is a member of the Supervisory Board of the Krzyżowa Foundation, and Prof. Dr Waldemar Czachur, Chairman of the Foundation Board.

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