"Contemporary challenges, like those of thirty years ago, call for an united response. (...) This response must be dialogue, cooperation and solidarity. Due to the nature and scale of today's threats and challenges, we cannot cope with them by acting each only in our own interest, or against each other".

Fragment of the document of the Krzyżowa Foundation "THE PERPECTIVE OF KRZYZOWA. On The 30th Anniversary of the signing of the Polish-German Good Neighbourship and Friendly Cooperation Treaty"


This Christmas is still not a time of calm. We are faced with successive crises and challenges. It pains us to see that in these difficult times we sometimes lose sight of other people.

Christmas is a celebration of faith, hope and love. Let us remember one another, the weak and the needy, let us be sensitive to the world around us. Let us celebrate full of hope for a better tomorrow and the strength to build it.

Management Board and employees of the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe



More than 300 photographs and films showing adaptation to new living conditions in post-war Poland will be shown in a new temporary exhibition which will be available until March on the premises of the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe.

The exhibition "Growing up. Western and Northern Lands. The beginning" shows selected aspects of the first few years after the war in the lands which were incorporated into Poland. The resulting consequences, such as population exchange, the need to rebuild wartime damage and severed social ties, and above all to build a new identity, as well as the specific actions of the communist authorities in relation to these territories, represent a common and unique historical experience of the Western and Northern Lands and their inhabitants.

The Center for Historical Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Berlin has published a new book - "Protagonist in the Shadow. Enno Meyer in the Process of Reconciliation of Germans with Poles and Jews / Protagonista w cieniu. Enno Meyer w procesie pojednania Niemców z Polakami i Żydami", edited by academic Burkhard Olschowsky. This is a Polish translation of the anthology, which was published in the German original by De Gruyter publishing house in 2019. This book is the first volume in the series "Breakthroughs and People of Dialogue. From the history of Polish-German mutual understanding / Przełomy i ludzie dialogu. Z historii polsko-niemieckiego porozumienia", published by the Historical Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The people presented in the book - both well-known and less frequently noted in wider public debates - made a significant contribution to Polish-German mutual understanding in the 20th century. One of the scientific editors of the series is Dr. Robert Żurek, managing director of the Krzyżowa Foundation.

„Protagonista w cieniu" zawiera wspomnienia o Enno Meyerze (1913–1996), niemieckim historyku i nauczycielu gimnazjalnym z Oldenburga. Meyer, który w czasie II wojny światowej służył w Wehrmachcie, od lat 50. poświęcił się pojednaniu Niemców z Polakami i Żydami. Skoncentrował się na obszarze, który znał najlepiej – kształtowaniu młodzieży w duchu otwartości i racjonalizmu. Jego 47 tez dotyczących nauczania polsko-niemieckiej historii stało się istotnym wstępem do powojennego dialogu podręcznikowego i utorowało drogę do działalności Wspólnej Polsko-Niemieckiej Komisji Podręcznikowej Historyków i Geografów.

On 2-4 December, a meeting of the Polish-German Copernicus Group took place in Krzyżowa. This unique body consists of representatives of the scientific and journalistic community.

The aim of discussions in the Copernicus Group is to identify current, permanent and potential problems of understanding and agreement, differences of interests, points of contention and conflicts in Polish-German relations. The next step is to discuss in the group possible ways of settling them or finding solutions. The result of each discussion is the creation of a common strategy document called "report"("Arbeitspapier").

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