We invite you to watch a series of 14 films about Krzyżowa and our foundation. Films They were made in the spring of 2021 mainly for young people who cannot visit us in person during the pandemic, but with whom we meet on the occasion of various online events. Thanks to the films, everyone from everywhere in the world can see the space and surroundings of our foundation, get to know its activities better and learn many interesting things about the history of the village of Krzyżowa. The guide is supposed to be mainly an educational tool used in work with young people, but, like the guide, it is also addressed to tourists who are always  welcome in our historic palace and farm complex with a view of the Owl Mountains.

Each episode of the guide is available in Polish (with English subtitles) and German and applies to a specific place, event or people related to Krzyżowa. This allows you to watch movies in any order and choose topics that interest you, for example, the episode about the Mass of Reconciliation, the Kreisau Circle, the von Moltke family, the palace, exhibitions of the foundation or the railway station. Each of these topics is presented in the films by the employees of the Krzyżowa Foundation, which makes the films easy to watch. The narrative is easy to understand also due to the professional production for which Fisheye Productions is responsible.

The implementation of the Film Guide to Krzyżowa is accompanied by the website history.krzyzowa.pl, which, apart from the films, also includes articles about the history of Krzyżowa and our foundation. The website is to be updated on an ongoing basis with new scientific and journalistic publications, which will be available in the "Reading room" tab. All content on the website is published in Polish, German and English, which is to make it easier for people from all over the world to get to know Krzyżowa.

We invite you to http://history.krzyzowa.pl.

The Film Guide to Krzyżowa was created as part of a project financed by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Wrocław.

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