Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends,
At this special time, we would like to wish you a healthy, peaceful Easter, with a richly set table, a wet Easter Monday, a rich Easter Bunny and the most pleasant meetings with family and friends.

Management Board and employees of the Krzyżowa Foundation 

We recommend a interview on COSMO Radio. Dr. Robert Żurek, the managing director of the Krzyżowa Foundation, was interviewed by Maciej Wiśniewski.

"If we look at the current situation of Europe and European societies, we can see that the need for dialogue, cooperation across divisions, understanding, building a culture of trust and cooperation is a challenge that is still valid," said Dr. Żurek. 

According to the Sendzimir Foundation, a statistical Pole drinks over 90 litres of bottled water annually, of which only every fourth plastic bottle goes to recycling, and the remaining bottles go to landfill, where every complete decomposition takes about 800 years! By drinking tap water, we protect the environment!
With our activities we intend to raise environmental awareness among our guests, especially among children and young people, and to encourage ecological activities by promoting simple, human and environmentally friendly solutions.

A distributor with public, filtered tap water is located in the Cowshed next to the entrance to the Restaurant.

Coordinator: Adelaide Lebioda
Graphic designers: Marij Duhra, Henriette Lipok
Project developer: M-art Advertising agency

Those Numbers impressively illustrate how labour-intensive the year 2018 was for the Krzyżowa Foundation. Almost 30,000 participant days and 350 projects were spent in Krzyżowa: seminars, workshops, training courses and international school and extracurricular exchanges (around 4,300 participants from 31 countries around the world took part in the exchanges alone). 150 guided tours through the historical sites of Krzyżowa for almost 10,000 people. Dozens of events in surrounding schools, preschools and other educational institutions for almost 5,000 inhabitants of Lower Silesia ...

2018 is a year of important anniversaries, including the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War and the regaining of the independence of Poland and many other people from Europe. We have often used the concept of freedom in this year's projects. We allowed ourselves to reflect on the value of freedom and how it should be nurtured.

The Foundation also celebrated an important anniversary. On 11 June 1998, Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek and Chancellor Helmut Kohl solemnly opened the newly renovated centre of the International Youth Meeting Centre. The memory of this event led us to witnesses of history - to participants in those events, including Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek. Their memories were recorded in the form of video films and complemented the memories of the celebrations 20 years ago.

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