The International Flamenco Festival has been taking place in Krzyżowa regularly since 2007 and is organised by Agata Teodorczyk. Every year, maestros from Spain - leading Flamenco artists such as Concha Jareno or La Choni - are invited to workshops and performances. 

This year, the workshop will begin on 17 July.

And this is how the workshops of one of the groups looked like during the previous editions of the festival:


The Krzyżowa Foundation, together with its partner organizations - the Kreisau Initiative e. V. as well as the Freya von Moltke Foundation, has for the first time prepared a joint annual report for the year 2021. As a pilot project, the publication will be released only in German this year; and both Polish and German versions are planned from 2022. 

Designed as a reading booklet, you will find not only reports on past projects, but also interviews and articles on current topics and also a preview of important events in 2022.

We hope you enjoy reading!





IV Suzuki Workshop in Krzyzowa - July 7 -10, 2022

The 4th Suzuki workshop in Krzyzowa was be held in June. Participants took part in group lessons, played in chamber ensembles and orchestra, and took part in solo concerts and a final concert.

The Suzuki Method is a system for teaching young children to play music instruments on an imitative basis, created by Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki. The method was developed for all children so that every child can learn to play the violin, rather than for the training of only exceptionally gifted children.

Invited teachers: Joanna Jurkiewicz, Anna Koszel, Jolanta Krawczewska (cello), Paweł Kulczycki, Maria Lojek (Simply Violin), Barbara Plaza, Maria Magdalena Rogowska, Kacper Birula (conductor).

Children and parents can use the recreational facilities of our palace complex in Krzyzowa (park, playground, fireplace and other resources for outdoor activities, art workshop).

Exactly four months ago, on 24 February 2022, Russia attacked Ukraine. Since then, tens of thousands of people have died, hundreds of thousands have lost their family, health and possessions, and millions have had to leave their places of residence. Every day we are witnesses of another human tragedy in the media, we see another graves, another ruined buildings.

We, ordinary citizens, watch all this with a sense of helplessness. At the same time, sensitivity to the misfortune of the victims of aggression, the heroism of the defenders, and the bestiality of the attackers is dulled. The world is becoming accustomed to the barbarity of war. Images that caused shock four months ago now bring less emotion.

This is a normal human reaction, yet we must not succumb to it. Millions of people affected by the war are still in a dramatic situation and need our help and solidarity. Let us not refuse them!

The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe assures that we will continue to support Ukraine, both by offering shelter to those who have fled the war and by providing humanitarian aid to those who remain in their homeland, as well as by implementing educational projects which give participants from Ukraine the opportunity to acquire important competencies and establish relationships with partners from other European countries. We sincerely thank all our friends whose financial support makes these activities possible.

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