We observe with concern the current situation on the Ukrainian-Russian border. That is why we publish on the website of the Krzyżowa Foundation an appeal of historians from our Polish partner organizations, as well as our colleagues from Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus and Russia, to which we are also joining. The appeal is aimed at citizens of 5 countries who may be directly affected by the consequences of the new war and the expansion of the Russian Federation's "sphere of influence". At the same time, we believe that the imposition of any state on other sovereign states to demand the establishment of new "spheres of influence" should be rejected by all Europeans.Supporting such divisions undermines and destabilizes order and peace in Europe.

The appeal is published in Polish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Lithuanian and German. 

dr hab. Robert Żurek, "Krzyżowa" Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe


The ongoing pandemic and the related sanitary regime are a challenge for all of us, both in everyday life and in the functioning of the foundation. However, we try to do everything possible to implement traditional, stationary projects in conditions that are safe for their participants. This is particularly important to us, because the beneficiaries of our projects are primarily school groups where the SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads easily, but also seniors, who are most at risk of falling ill.

Therefore, last year the foundation purchased two air sterilization devices that can work in any room and are equally effective in both large and small rooms. Thanks to these devices, the young people participating in our projects are provided with comfort and hygienic conditions.

"Contemporary challenges, like those of thirty years ago, call for an united response. (...) This response must be dialogue, cooperation and solidarity. Due to the nature and scale of today's threats and challenges, we cannot cope with them by acting each only in our own interest, or against each other".

Fragment of the document of the Krzyżowa Foundation "THE PERPECTIVE OF KRZYZOWA. On The 30th Anniversary of the signing of the Polish-German Good Neighbourship and Friendly Cooperation Treaty"


This Christmas is still not a time of calm. We are faced with successive crises and challenges. It pains us to see that in these difficult times we sometimes lose sight of other people.

Christmas is a celebration of faith, hope and love. Let us remember one another, the weak and the needy, let us be sensitive to the world around us. Let us celebrate full of hope for a better tomorrow and the strength to build it.

Management Board and employees of the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe



More than 300 photographs and films showing adaptation to new living conditions in post-war Poland will be shown in a new temporary exhibition which will be available until March on the premises of the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe.

The exhibition "Growing up. Western and Northern Lands. The beginning" shows selected aspects of the first few years after the war in the lands which were incorporated into Poland. The resulting consequences, such as population exchange, the need to rebuild wartime damage and severed social ties, and above all to build a new identity, as well as the specific actions of the communist authorities in relation to these territories, represent a common and unique historical experience of the Western and Northern Lands and their inhabitants.

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