The Krzyżowa Foundation was the theme of two articles published in the Sächsische Zeitung in recent weeks. The first of them (issue of 2.05.2022) tells about situation of refugees from Ukraine, who found shelter in Krzyżowa and about how the Foundation helps people in need while carrying out its statutory activity.

The second article ( issue of 16.05.) describes the temporary exhibition "Growing up. Western and Northern Lands. The beginning", which is exhibited in Krzyżowa. The theme of the exhibition is the fate of Polish inhabitants who arrived and settled in new territories in the west and north, which had previously been part of Germany. After the end of World War II, the Allies and the Soviet Union decided to shift Poland's borders westwards. Since many of the newcomers came from the eastern territories, which now belong to Ukraine, the exhibition takes on new meaning and context in the neighbourhood of Ukrainian refugees.

On 24 May, we hosted the Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Northern Germany, Kristina Kühnbaum-Schmidt and the President of the Synod, Ulrika Hillmann, who visited our Foundation accompanied by Bishop Waldemar Pytel. We are very grateful for this meeting, during which we had the opportunity to present our activities.

An important topic of discussion was also Polish-German relations, as well as the challenges of helping the refugees from Ukraine.

On 20-21 May, meetings of Supervisory Board and Council of "Krzyżowa" Foundation took place in Krzyżowa. Representatives of the Honorary Council also took part in the meeting. The last period posed many challenges and new tasks for the Foundation and we are very pleased that we had the opportunity to discuss them in such a large audience.

An important item on the agenda was the summary of the past year in the Foundation, but also further work on the strategy for the development of our organisation. This part of the meeting order was also attended by employees of the Foundation, as well as the directors of our partner organisations: Nina Lüders from the Kreisau-Initiative Association from Berlin and Anna Quirin from the Freya von Moltke Foundation.

On Wednesday, 11 May, representatives of the Community of Evangelical Churches in Europe visited Krzyżowa as part of their tour of Lower Silesia.

Our guests visited the Foundation centre and during the guided tour they got to know the history of Krzyżowa - a place of dialogue, understanding and reconciliation. The meeting was an opportunity to present current activities of the Foundation, which according to its heritage carries out a mission of building bridges in Europe. Dr. Robert Żurek, Managing Director of the Foundation, talked more about the values of Krzyżowa during his lecture 'Democracy in Krzyżowa'.


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