The war in Ukraine is in its fifth day. Several hundred thousand refugees are fleeing from Russian aggression. They seek protection and help in neighbouring countries, including Poland.

We, the team of the Krzyżowa Foundation, see no other way than to provide support to people who have been separated from their families, deprived of their homes, work and the slightest sense of security. We know that the help we offer must be well thought-out and systemic, because we do not know how long the humanitarian crisis connected with the war will last and what actions will be taken by other entities. Therefore, with full engagement, in consultation with the provincial and district authorities and the Świdnica Municipality, we are working out an action plan that will allow us to make the most of our resources and experience. We are happy that also our partner organisations from Germany: The Freya von Moltke Foundation and the Kreisau-Initiative Association are ready to get involved in the aid we organise for people fleeing Ukraine.

Today (24.02.2022) Russia attacked Ukraine, our Neighbours, Friends, Co-workers and Associates, Families of people who are dear to us. We are shocked and moved by this situation.

We are also thinking of our Friends, Partners in Russia, who are working for peace, but live in a country that is conducting a war. We remember our Friends in Belarus, who look on with dismay as their country collaborates in this aggression. We think of the citizens of those societies who want peaceful coexistence, freedom and independence, but find themselves faced with war.

We feel powerless when confronted with such unjustified aggression. And we want to help. How?

Hosting numerous groups is everyday life in Krzyżowa, but also a challenge that manifests itself, among other things, on culinary grounds. Nutritional issues play an important role both during school exchanges and other stationary projects.

More and more people who eat our meals are on vegetarian, vegan or exclusion diets, and in order to meet their expectations, we are constantly developing the offer of our canteen. For this purpose, on 8-9 February 2022, a training in vegan cuisine was organized by Katarzyna Gubała for our kitchen employees. On her blog you can read the report from this event and see how Krzyżowa looks from the inside.

Urszula Pękala, Deputy Head of the Memorial Site, habilitated in Church History at the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. The subject of her habilitation thesis is: "Between theology and national and political interests. Catholic bishops as actors of Franco-German and Polish-German reconciliation after World War II (1945-1990)".The scientific title of "habilitated doctor" was solemnly conferred on Urszula Pękala on January 31, 2022 after her public lecture on: "Church - nation - state. Faces of a complex relationship in a European context".

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