Since 6 March, the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe has been qualified by the Lower Silesian Governor and the Świdnica Municipality as an emergency accommodation for refugees from Ukraine.

Many families came to Krzyżowa last weekend. At the moment, we are accommodating nearly 100 people who declare their willingness to stay in our centre for a longer period of time. Most of them are children and youth. The youngest child who came to Krzyżowa with his parents was only 7 days old when he arrived.

Thanks to the support of the provincial government, we can cover part of the costs of the stay of families from Ukraine from a special budget. However, the needs are much greater. People who come to us often have very little with them. Families need everything - clothes, hygiene products, medicines.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine affects all of us. The war is taking place in the middle of Europe and has forced several hundred thousand people to flee their homes so far. The majority of them is seeking refuge in Poland. Krzyżowa is hosting refugees, too.

Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe is receiving refugees. Mainly accompanied children and youngsters, as well as women with children, will be hosted. Krzyżowa is also open to people working in its partner organisation, former volunteers and their families. The kindergarten and the educators are working on care arrangements and educational activities.

The war in Ukraine is increasing the humanitarian crisis in this part of Europe with every passing day. Thousands of people are losing their homes, being separated from their loved ones and fleeing to neighbouring countries to save their lives. The citizens of Ukraine are now, above all, in need of a shelter.

In recent days, we have worked intensively to prepare such safe places in Krzyżowa for those fleeing the war.

In agreement with the Governor of Lower Silesia and local municipal authorities, the Foundation provides accommodation for refugees from Ukraine.

We offer fully equipped rooms with access to a kitchen and sanitary facilities. Families will also have at their disposal a specially prepared room for children with toys and educational materials. We also offer pedagogical support for the youngest in our kindergarten and activities for older children.

The war in Ukraine is in its fifth day. Several hundred thousand refugees are fleeing from Russian aggression. They seek protection and help in neighbouring countries, including Poland.

We, the team of the Krzyżowa Foundation, see no other way than to provide support to people who have been separated from their families, deprived of their homes, work and the slightest sense of security. We know that the help we offer must be well thought-out and systemic, because we do not know how long the humanitarian crisis connected with the war will last and what actions will be taken by other entities. Therefore, with full engagement, in consultation with the provincial and district authorities and the Świdnica Municipality, we are working out an action plan that will allow us to make the most of our resources and experience. We are happy that also our partner organisations from Germany: The Freya von Moltke Foundation and the Kreisau-Initiative Association are ready to get involved in the aid we organise for people fleeing Ukraine.

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