On Friday, 11 September, in the St. Marienthal International Meeting Centre (IBZ-Internationales Begegnungszentrum St. Marienthal) in Ostritz there was a official opening of the Polish Language Competence and Coordination Centre (KoKoPol). During the inauguration of the Centre, a cooperation agreement was also signed with the "Krzyżowa" Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, under which, among other things, language and cultural training for German diplomats, employees of companies and their management boards will be held in Krzyżowa.

The Polish Language Competence and Coordination Centre is to support and strengthen existing initiatives to promote the Polish language in Germany, to promote a positive perception of the Polish language and to organise practical language training related to professional careers (e.g. for diplomats).

7. The Intergenerational Open Cross-Country Reconciliation Runs under the slogan "Family without Violence" took place at the Krzyżowa Foundation on October 3, 2020. It was also the Open Lower-Silesian Cross-Country Final.

Competitors from the entire Lower Silesian Voivodeship, aged from several to several dozen years, covered distances from 100 to 2000 meters.

The aim of the event was to celebrate the Polish-German reconciliation, and this year also the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw. The idea of ​​the Reconciliation Runs is also to support inter-generational solidarity, stimulate physical activity of families, elderly people, people inactive in terms of sports, social and professional activity, and to promote sports volunteering.

Event organizers: Powiatowe Zrzeszenie Ludowych Zespołów Sportowych w Świdnicy, Świdnicka Grupa Biegowa, OSP Grodziszcze, Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe.

In September, traditionally, we welcome new volunteers to Krzyżowa.Two new fantastic friends - Emma and Anna-Sofia - have been with us for several days.

Where they came from, why they came to Krzyżowa and what are their first impressions - you can read about this in short self-presentations.

We are very happy that Emma and Anna-Sofia are already with us and we wish them that the time they will spend in Krzyżowa will be creative, interesting and full of good emotions!

We follow the developments in Belarus with great attention. We express our solidarity with all Belarusians who are standing up for dignity, freedom and democracy. Their courage and determination inspire our admiration and respect. We are filled with sadness and indignation by the fate of the repressed people. We hope that the European Union, the authorities of democratic states and international public opinion will effectively put pressure on the Belarusian authorities so that they cease violence and enter into dialogue with the society.

The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe was born in 1989 as a work of courageous people, citizens fighting for freedom, Polish-German reconciliation and overcoming the division of Europe. It is with all the more hope that we observe the uprising for freedom in Belarus and its civic, pro-European character. We believe that it will bring full freedom and democracy to Belarus and will be the beginning of the process of integration of this country with the European Union.

Soon we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of signing the August Agreements, this great victory of courage, solidarity and dialogue over conformism, fear and the logic of confrontation. Let this legacy of Polish Solidarity be a proof of the power of the voice of the citizens for Belarusians.

We are with you!

The Management Board of the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe.

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