The pandemic, which hit all areas of economic and social life with all its force, did not spare the most important institutions and organisations working to promote German-Polish cooperation. Dr. Robert Żurek, Managing Director of the Foundation, talked at Radio COSMO about how this difficult reality affects the functioning of the Krzyżowa Foundation.

We recommend the Podcast Czas na współpracę 2.0 (in Polish).

Last summer a film crew worked for one day in Oak Avenue. Today you can watch the scenes shot on our beautiful alley leading to the Palace. There is already a film "Der Überläufer" available (directed by Florian Gallenberger), in which our alley "played" (4 minutes of the film).

"Der Überläufer" is an adaptation of the famous novel "Dezerter" by the German writer, Goethe Prize winner Siegfried Lenz, published also in Poland. The main character of the action of the novel, which takes place in 1944, is a young Wehrmacht soldier from Elk Walter Proska, assigned to a small unit to secure the railway line. Locked in a forest bunker, exhausted by the heat and the attacks of partisan forces, the soldiers who doubt the sense of the war are getting madder and madder every day. Trying to find themselves among this chaos Proska decides to desert and join the Polish partisans.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,
We wish you that despite difficult and sad circumstances this year's Easter would be a great holiday, and especially that her message about the victory of life over death, love over hatred and hope over despair would give you strength and motivation to act even in the most difficult situations.

Management Board and employees of the Krzyżowa Foundation

On one of the weekends in January 2020, about 70 employees and volunteers of the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, from three decades, celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Foundation in Krzyżowa. Everyone was asked to send their souvenir photos from the time they worked in Krzyżowa. The meeting organizers wanted to prepare a presentation of these photographs for a festive evening. In numerous photos from the 90s you could see Ewa Unger among colleagues. It was understandable, at that time she was the chairman of the foundation's board and at the same time she worked socially in the Foundation's office in Wrocław and regularly participated in working session, meetings and public events in Krzyżowa. Participants of the jubilee meeting gave Ewa Unger written wishes and greetings, which reached her in the form of a several-page letter. The recipient read these words in full awareness, several times, with joy, although she did not know all the authors personally. Today we know that this letter was a symbolic farewell and thanks - thanks for 30 years of existence of the institution that would not have been possible without Ewa Unger, one of the great, important and distinguished women in the history of Krzyżowa.

[FOTO: Marek Aureliusz Pędziwol]

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