The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe

together with partners:

the Freya von Moltke Foundation for the New Kreisau

and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation

invite you to participate in the program entitled

„8 x Reconciliation”

30th anniversary of signing 
the The Polish-German Treaty of Good Neighbourship and Friendly Cooperation

The treaty, concluded between Poland and Germany on 17th of June 1991, made it possible to enormously develop cultural, scientific and regional cooperation and laid the foundations for intensive youth meetings. With regard to Polish-German relations, the word "reconciliation" was used eight times in the treaty. Referring in a symbolic way to the content of the treaty, we invite you to participate in 8 jubilee events and to jointly reflect on how the treaty signed 30 years ago influenced our lives.


  • May – commencement of the 8 x Reconciliation programme - declaration of the Krzyżowa Foundation

  • June – Children of Reconciliation - meeting with the descendants of important participants in the process of Polish-German reconciliation; with the participation of young people from partner communes Świdnica - Lampertheim
  • JuneTreaty witnesses - an interview with the participation of diplomats involved in the process of creating and implementing the treaty

  • August – From the spirit of the treaty - a film with the participation of former volunteers of the Krzyżowa Foundation
  • August Neighbors in Europe. 30th anniversary of the Polish-German treaty on good neighbourship and friendly cooperation – exhibition prepared in cooperation with the “Remembrance and Future” Centre and the City of Wrocław

  • Septemberceremonial concert as part of the Krzyżowa-Music International Chamber Music Festival
  • September People of reconciliation – a meeting dedicated to the publication of Annemarie Franke "They are not enemies, they are people. Ewa Unger (1926-2020)"

  • October  A place of reconciliation a meeting dedicated to the publication of Waldemar Czachur and Gregor Feindt „Kreisau | Krzyżowa. 1945 – 1989 – 2019”

8 x Reconciliation

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