The first months of this year brought us an aura that we have gradually forgotten in recent years: frosts lasting several weeks, falling snow, and now relentless rains. All this means that the construction of the ecological garden in Krzyżowa, planned for the beginning of the year, is postponed in time. The end of March, however, brought a small weather window, which we managed to use to build a well made of concrete circles for watering the garden. The well was built at the pond where the water level - especially in summer - will be decisive for its efficiency.

Visitors to Krzyżowa have probably noticed a drop in the water level in the moat adjacent to the resort recently. This was largely due to the failure of the lock, which made it possible to control the damming of the water. Thanks to the intervention of our irreplaceable technical department, the initial repair of the lock was carried out. After the works are completed, the connected vessels will be fully operational: the dammed water in the moat will provide water in the pond, which in turn will supply the well. Just sow, plant, water and watch it grow!


The project is co-financed by the German Federal Foundation for Environment (DBU) and implemented in cooperation with Slow Food Deutschland e.V.


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