Snow has fallen. But even with a layer of fluffy snow, it can be seen with the naked eye that in recent weeks work on the construction of our garden behind the moat has advanced. Two structures, which have been created and have already reached their final height, are called "two towers" - these are two stone, self-fertilizing keyhole-type beds, the heart of which will be built-in small composters. One can only guess how well-nourished the vegetables grown in them will be and how it will soon affect their taste.

Before the first snows and frosts, a greenhouse was also assembled, which had been patiently waiting for this moment for several months in one of the foundation's storage rooms. We conducted a test which showed that it is already warmer inside the greenhouse than outside. This bodes well for the production of the first seedlings in early spring.

We have already begun to tenderly surround both the greenhouse and the future flower beds with wooden posts, on which, after the New Year, we will begin to weave a fascine fence. Behind the moat, it is impossible to pass by indifferently poured massive concrete anchors - it is on them that a roofed pergola will be erected soon, with the beautiful silhouette of the Krzyżowa Palace in the background.

As soon as the weather permits, we will start the next works, which we will inform you about.


The project "Food - with tradition into modernity" is funded by the German Federal Environment Foundation (DBU) and carried out in cooperation with Slow Food Deutschland e.V.

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