Conversations about dialogue. With notes - edited by Tomasz Skonieczny, published by the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, 2021


"The publication which is now displayed on your screens is the result of a series of meetings and conversations to which in 2021 we invited people who are professionally involved - from a practical or theoretical point of view - in issues related to what our public life looks like and, consequently, our attitude towards each other. Or, looking at things from a broader perspective, what elements determine what our culture of dialogue looks like.

In choosing our interlocutors and the topics we wanted to discuss with them, we were guided by a basic assumption: each conversation, dealing with problems most of us probably know from the media, will be a kind of toolbox. It is intended to help us understand the processes and events that are happening around us, so that we can not only participate in them in a more informed way, but perhaps also be more critical of anyone who offers simple solutions to many of our problems. We hope that, at least in a minimal way, this will be a contribution to the promotion of a culture of dialogue. This has been getting worse and worse in recent years. The list of our interlocutors and the topics we discussed with them can be found later in this document, along with links to audio files, which can be found on the Krzyżowa Foundation website and on the most popular podcast platforms.

In order to make the most of the knowledge and experiences of our interlocutors, we decided to capture them in the form of graphic notes, which we invited Ola Skalska-Kozdroj, a trainer and illustrator, to prepare. A graphic memo - or sketchnote, as some want to call it - is a method of presenting even the most complicated issues in a way that is as accessible and easy to remember as possible, as it combines a drawing with a keynote. We hope that you will enjoy this presentation format, which most of us have probably already encountered, and that those of you who would like to use our talks in your educational work will find the notes a practical aid."

Tomasz Skonieczny


Rozmowy o dialogu. Z notatkami.pdf [only in polish language]

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