„A united Europe was not achieved and we had war"
 Episode 7: Together for Europe (Establishing the Krzyżowa Foundation for European Understanding)

(...) The unification on the continent, postulated by Robert Schumann and other politicians shortly after WWII, seemed to be a complete utopia versus the Iron Curtain and Cold War.

On the 4th of June 1989 members of the Catholic Intelligence Club of Wrocław, together with friends from the USA, the Netherlands and both German states, came to Krzyżowa. Here, standing in front of the palace ruins, exactly in this place, they decided to create a European youth meeting centre. This is how the “Krzyżowa Foundation” for Mutual Understanding in Europe was created.  (...)

„A united Europe was not achieved and we had war"
 Episode 8: Responsible for the European future (Foundation Team and its work)

(...) The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe has already existed for over thirty years. Its history is a sequence of challenges, joys and successes interweaving with each other. It is not easy for an NGO making its living mainly from a project to prosper and develop. Nevertheless, every year we manage to attract thousands of young people from all over Europe to Krzyżowa and to carry out hundreds of educational projects. How is it possible?  (...)

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