We invite you to listen to a conversation with Anna Malinowska, journalist and author of the book "Brown Lullaby. Stories of kidnapped children", about the Nazi search for "good blood", the post-war fate of robbed children who were deprived of their identity and family, and the demanding work of a reporter who collects the testimonies of the victims.

The conversation, prepared as a podcast, is part of the educational project “Uprooted – (Hi)Stories of Stolen Children during World War II”.

We would like to remind you that podcasts of the Krzyżowa Foundation can also be listened to on the most popular podcasting platforms: anchor.fm, Spotify, as well as on: Google Podcast and Breaker.


Anna Malinowska

Journalist connected with Silesia. She worked, among others, in Trybuna Śląska and since 2005 in the Katowice branch of Gazeta Wyborcza. Author of the books " Brown Lullaby. Stories of kidnapped children", the first publication in Poland after 1989 to deal with the subject of kidnapped children, and "Komendant. The life of Salomon Morel".



The project is carried out in Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Ukraine by the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe (Poland), Kreisau-Initiative e.V. (Germany), Post Bellum (Czech Republic), Tolerspace (Ukraine). Kreisau Initiative e.V. is the project leader.

The project is funded by the Remembrance, Responsibility and Future Foundation (EVZ) and the German Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).

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