In the past, first year of the coronavirus pandemic, we were extremely lucky. We were able to organize our concerts and celebrate them with the guests almost as if the surrounding danger did not exist, and this was possible thanks to easy access to coronavirus detection tests, which could be performed throughout Europe. This extremely generous strategy, supplemented with sophisticated logistics, was a gift from our sponsor Centogene. This ensured the continuity of the Krzyżowa-Music festival and the health of all people involved, and thus saved our budget, which consists mostly of donations, and only thanks to generous donors we can continue our music and program work.

Although, unfortunately, our hopes for this year's edition of the festival without pandemics and restrictions will not come true, the loyalty of our sponsors allows us to start our seventh season with full self-confidence and great plans. We want not only to deal with 50 masterpieces of chamber literature and rejoice that 30 years of good neighborhood in Central Europe could have resulted in something as beautiful as Krzyżowa-Music, but also to deal with the impact of the current crisis on the music scene and to consider what previous states of emergency have taught us in order to survive economically as creators of art. In 2021, the rules for the second year of the pandemic differ from the first. Of course, we will obey them, but we will not shy away from anything that can arise from free music making and a friendly community. 

Viviane Hagner, Matthias von Hülsen

For the seventh time, the Krzyżowa-Music Festival will be held under the artistic direction of the eminent violinist Viviane Hagner50 instrumentalists from all over Europe and overseas and 30 singers will take part in it. 

Art activities and rehearsals open to all interested parties will start on August 21. Together with Viviane Hagner, other masters in their fields, called by us "Juniors" and "Seniors", will work together on 50 pieces of classical and contemporary repertoire. Later, they will be largely performed at concerts in Krzyżowa, Wrocław, Szczawno-Zdrój and Grodziszcze. In this way, experiences and inspirations will be exchanged, and the willingness to make new musical discoveries will be awakened.

Two concerts in this year's edition will be dedicated to the Finnish pianist, conductor and composer Olli Mustonen, whose works will be presented for the first time at a classical music festival in Poland.

The guests of Krzyżowa-Music will include musicians with international concert experience, such as: pianists Andrea Lucchesini, Matthias Kirschnereit and Adam Golka, violinist Oliver Wille from the Kuss Quartet, violist Volker Jacobsen, founding member of the Artemis Quartet, cellist Konstantin Heidrich from the Fauré Quartet and clarinetist David Orlowsky. Agata Szymczewska, Primaria of the Szymanowski Quartet, Krzysztof Chorzelski, violist Belcea Quartet, drummer Wojciech Herzyk, violist Przemysław Pujanek, soprano Natalia Stawicka and French horn player Maciej Baranowski will bring their many years of musical experience to the festival. And the special guest of the symposium will be the violinist, composer and actor Aleksey Igudesman.

Together with the "Mentors" and other outstanding young instrumentalists who were selected during the difficult recruitment process, the musicians will be intensely devoted to chamber past and contemporary literature, as well as to issues raised at this year's symposia, which will concern, among others, social challenges particularly affecting cultural life, such as the coronavirus pandemic restrictions that have endangered the existence of large numbers of self-employed cultural workers and stopped their musical careers. In addition, this year's symposia within Krzyżowa-Music will invite you to reflect and discuss what lessons can be learned from the current and historical crises that threaten the existence of artists? The role of film music, streaming and new media nowadays will also be discussed.

During the festival, the current sanitary restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic will apply. Thanks to Centogene, all people who are not fully vaccinated will be tested for the presence of the coronavirus.

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