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Let's bring local history to Instagram! Sounds cool, right? But two exciting topics are joining hands here:

On the one hand, civic education and media literacy can no longer be considered separately, and the Internet, especially in Corona times, has become an educational site. The social network Instagram has now increasingly become a place for historical-political education as well, and numerous museums and educational institutions are now represented there. It appeals to us, on the occasion of the current debates about participation and democracy, to turn to Instagram with a project and to explore the new opportunities that the medium offers for serious historical-political educational work.

Spontaneous videos for the web and social media, with political content or crisp films from your own event?

It's easy: Take out your smartphone, put in your microphone, choose a perspective, don't forget to take a sectional view, load sequences into the right app. This is exactly where this compact online seminar comes in.

Participants learn what cinematic possibilities the smartphone offers.

Online journalist Malina Sternberg provides the technical input.

The Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Bibliodrama (The German Society for Bibliodrama) and Polskie Towarzystwo Bibliodramy (The Polish Society for Bibliodrama) invite for participation in an ecumenical, international bibliodramatic workshop in Krzyżowa from 6 to 10 November 2020.

Last year's 30th anniversary of the Reconciliation Mass in Krzyżowa and the  beginnings of the Foundation Krzyżowa and this years the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War are for us an opportunity to reflect together more intensively on the theme of reconciliation. It will be dealt with both in the theoretical part in the form of lectures and in the practical part, i.e. the bibliodramatic workshops.

A BarCamp is a special conference, whose programme is developed together with all participants on site. Here, everyone can get involved, present ideas around the topic “(Hi)Storytelling” and benefit from the knowledge of others.

The BarCamp offers youth workers a platform on which they can exchange information on current issues relating to educational work and network with experts. The focus is on historical and civic education, current challenges for the work due to the coronavirus crisis and political changes such as the restriction of civil liberties, the closing of borders etc. as well as the common search for alternatives to continue our work.

Call for Applications


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